How do I assemble my Caboodle?

Each piece of your Caboodle has a symbol next to the long thin slots where they connect to each other. Simply slide pieces together that have matching symbols.

Pieces for the bottom floor have one circle (left side) or diamond (right side) in their matching symbol. Pieces for the 2nd floor have two circles or diamonds, and the top floor pieces have three.

Begin with the bottom floor and slide the side walls into their matching slots. Now do the same with the second and third floor and then stack them together.

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How do I "knock-out" the floor passageways?

Assemble Caboodle first to see if opening the passageways is the right choice for your cat.
To knock them out, apply a quick and solid strike to the center of the passageway. The passageway should breakout easily. Larger cats may prefer a larger lounging area rather than spaces to crawl through.


How big is it?


The assembled size is 20" X 20" X 30"


Is Caboodle sturdy
enough for my large cat?

Caboodle is made with super strong double wall corrugated and has been enjoyed by kittens, cats, and mature larger breeds - it will definitely support a large cat. If your extra large and frisky cat knocks your Caboodle over, try putting something heavy like a phone book or soup cans in the bottom floor.


Can I put food and water bowls in Caboodle?

We don't recommend this as excessive amounts of water may damage Caboodle. If water spills on your Caboodle, soak up immediately with a paper towel.


I want to encourage my cat to spend more time napping in Caboodle, any suggestions?

Put some blankets or your old clothing (cats love this) on any level, this creates a cozy den-like nest your kitty will enjoy to lounge in. Of course, a little catnip always helps!


My child wants to draw on Caboodle, is this OK?

Definitely! It is best to use washable markers or crayons. However, do not use watercolors or heavy paints as it may fatigue the cardboard. Also, it is best to not puncture, bend or press too hard while coloring or drawing. Be sure to use non toxic art materials. It's best to decorate your Caboodle after assembly to avoid possible damage.


Does the ink printing on Caboodle contain any toxins?

Nope! We use flexographic soy based inks that contain no harmful toxins.


Can Caboodle be used outdoors?

Caboodle is designed for indoor use only.

Why Cardboard?

Cats love the texture and feel of cardboard. We designed the Caboodle to have lots of edges that cat's love to rub on and groom their fur.

It's also recyclable and sustainable! Caboodle is made in the USA at a factory that manufactures corrugated paper, creating a relatively tiny carbon footprint when compared to a product made in China or even out of state. The reality is, we don’t need to fly half way around the globe or even jump on a plane to oversee production and ensure quality, we just make a short drive south to our manufacturing and distribution partners. Furthermore, our product does not need to make a 7000 mile journey to get to our warehouse!